Web Design Portfolio

In the nine years I've been designing and engineering websites, I have developed practices to generate projects that are clean, easy to maintain, and highly effective, focusing on the seamless integration of aesthetics, functionality and sound coding practices.

This way of working has also informed my teaching, both in extension programs (UCLA) and courses for graduate and undergraduate students (Art Center College of Design).

My clients have been as diverse as Microsoft, Art Center College of Design, the Dalai Lama, and small local businesses.

For many of them, I am the go-to person for those projects they need to be professional both on screen and under the hood.

Call me to design and build a new site, give a code lift to an existing one, or train your in-house team on how to apply the latest web standards to write code that is forward compatible and will work correctly on the widest range of browsers and platforms.

Take a look at my portfolio and résumé, and email me with your questions.

Thanks for visiting.

Francesca Murphy
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